Why Canva is Taking Over the Content Creation Space

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Why Canva is Taking Over the Content Creation Space



Canva is quickly becoming one of the most popular pieces of a professional content creation toolkit. With so many options available, it can be hard to sift through and decide what platform makes the most sense to use for your needs. But among all the different design and scheduling tools available, Canva has proven itself to be one of the best for both individuals and marketing teams. Let’s dive into a few of the reasons that Canva is completely taking over the content creation space today.


Canva Makes Graphic Design Easy

Canva is a huge asset for those who are just starting out with their social media journey because it really simplifies the content creation process by removing the barrier of having to design graphics from the ground up. According to their website, the free version of Canva alone has 250,000+ templates and hundreds of thousands of free photos and graphics available for creatives to use and build upon. Meanwhile, the paid version boasts 100+ million stock photos, audio, videos, and graphics along with 610,000+ premium and free templates with new designs added daily. 

These templates, designs, and graphics make it extremely simple to come up with Instagram posts on the fly whether it’s for a holiday coming up, or a last minute promo launch that takes advantage of a hot trend. The ability to use and save templates also allows content creators and social media managers to easily keep posts aligned with brand identity by building on previous templates for things like ongoing series or building recognition for certain types of content such as tips and tricks vs giveaways.

The time saved by using Canva’s templates, graphics, and photos, means that social media managers can spend that precious time on other important tasks such as monitoring hashtags, reviewing analytics, and interacting with their audience.

You Can Schedule Anywhere with Canva

Canva offers a huge advantage to the aspiring Instagram content creator by being readily available in two forms: Canva online and the Canva app. There are many design sites and scheduling sites that can be used on the go but Canva really stands apart because of its easy to use interface. Perhaps because it was designed originally to work with Instagram, the digital designer aspects of Canva mobile are limited only by your ability to successfully wield your fingertips in place of a mousepad!

Additionally, Canva’s built-in schedule maker works beautifully in mobile. The content planner is presented in the form of a calendar that allows you to see your social media posts including Insta posts, TikToks, and Pinterest posts, as Canva slides in photographic form. This allows managers to quickly check the layout of their upcoming feed posts, and easily click on an Instagram photo if it needs to be edited or belongs on a different weekly schedule. The convenience of the mobile app means that managers can take charge of their content no matter the time and place, something that is very useful in a field where new information is always being sent and received.


Canva Combines Content Creation and Scheduling

It may be clear from the sections above, but it is worth noting that Canva is also valuable because it combines content design and creation with scheduling. If you don’t already have a  scheduling app that you prefer to use, Canva is worth considering given the fact that the combined features means way less downloading images, and overall less work. 

Going to the content planner and clicking the “+” button brings up the option to create a design or use one that you’ve already created and this is much more streamlined than saving designs to your phone or computer and then uploading them to another platform in order to schedule them to your socials there. Because Canva has an Instagram post maker and Instagram story maker, you can really have an all-encompassing content calendar that shows the entirety of your campaign within the app.


Canva Pricing is Reasonable for All Types of Creators

One of the most exciting aspects of Canva is the financial accessibility that the platform offers. The free version of Canva gives users access to a multitude of graphics and templates as well as the ability to collaborate and make comments in real time. It also offers 5GB of storage for a variety of designs for different platforms. Of course there are certain features that are only available in Canva Pro such as the ability to save brand colors, logos, and designs to Brand Kits,the ability to remove background easily, and additional storage. However, small teams will still find Canva Pro very affordable, with a plan that supports up to 5 team members costing only $12.99 if billed month or $119.99 if billed yearly. There are more costly plan options that support 50 people or more on one plan but once an organization moves to this level they are far out of the small business realm and are less likely to be deterred by the pricing. For now, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy an economical route to creating social media success when you use Canva to bring your Facebook post ideas or Instagram story ideas to life.

There are many reasons that beginner and professional designers alike love Canva. It’s simple to use, cost-effective, and includes many different options and features to make content creation and scheduling simple and efficient. It’s one of the ways to make social media much more approachable for those who are new, and manageable for experts who simply have multiple accounts or responsibilities to take care of in addition to creating static and dynamic content. Canva can be a great option to start with until you are ready to onboard an entire social media team to take care of all your business’ social media needs.

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