Why Do You Need ASO Before Releasing Your App?

Written by Irina Heinz So, you’re getting ready to release your app. Let’s take for example a Brain Dots-like logic game where you need, applying the laws of physics, to draw random lines connecting two dots on the screen. In fact, you can follow the tips from this post if you’re releasing any app, not […]

How to Create a Dating App: Pre Launch Marketing

The new age of online dating has come and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.  With everyone looking for love, dating apps have taken over the app marketplace as people continue to search for their significant through refined searches.  Any idea is a good idea when it comes to creating a new dating app, but […]

App Optimization Post Launch

Your app has hit the stores and has done well for itself in its life on the market, but the journey doesn’t stop there. It’s difficult enough for an app to hit the marketplace with somewhat success, but staying on top of app store charts is a priority after launch.  App marketing agencies know that […]

IOS 14.5 Changes Data Mining for Advertising Agencies

With the public beta for Apple’s latest IOS update already out, the official release of IOS 14.5 is looming.  Set to hit Apple’s products early this spring, sometime around March 22nd, Apple is looking to change the game for data mining advertising agencies.  All is not lost from Apple’s new data tracking policy, but some […]

Why Startup Apps Fail: The Market Need for App Ideas

The sad truth is that most startup businesses and startup apps fail.  Startups need a proper budget plan and a firm understanding of their market need in order to succeed.  Time after time startups launch and grow, but fade out due to poor planning and running out of funds.  Marketing agencies with connections to VC […]

What is ASO and SEO: Advertising Your App

ASO and SEO Simplified  ASO (App Store Optimization) is the optimizing of an app’s exposure on an app store’s marketplace with the use of particular keywords and phrases. Ranking higher in an app store’s search, like Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store, can lead to more organic downloads; which in turn makes your app […]

Choosing mobile app promotion strategies for accelerated growth

Choosing mobile app promotion strategies for accelerated growth

So, this mobile app thing… it’s really blowing up huh? So you’ve got an idea for an app or you’ve already fleshed out the details, or maybe you’ve already launched it but can’t quite seem to get the traction that you would like. We would like to give you an idea of what mobile app […]

Do I HAVE to get a Digital Strategist? What do they even do!?

Do I HAVE to get a Digital Strategist

In a digital age, online presence matters above all else The world around us today is defined by online interactions and digital integration permeates all walks of our lives. Let’s face the facts; technology dominates nearly everything that we do and without our 24/7 online connectivity, many of us would go crazy. This is not […]


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